a collection of recipes. all gluten-free. oodles vegetarian. lots vegan. each and every one; yummy.

about me

18 years old; 18 years to enjoy all the wonders of the world of food, with no restrictions.  At 18 years old, the world is your oyster…  At 18 years old, you also gain the added bonus of being able to legally open up your drinking repertoire; generally a year most look forward to.

Well it soon became apparent that my oyster could not come bread-crumbed, as what I gained in being able to legally drink, I lost in what I was able to eat; when it became apparent that wheat had become my nemesis. Over a period of a couple of months I noticed I wasn’t feeling myself. Lethargic, irritable, a bad taste in my mouth and suffering an upset stomach more and more frequently… So after numerous tests, the advice from my GP  was to keep a food diary and cut out certain foods for at least two weeks (to ensure they are fully out of your system).  I followed her guidelines and the results were in; I could not tolerate gluten.

Anyway fast-forward a few years (OK, 8…) and I am now used to this ‘gluten-free’ world that I was thrust into, and enjoying food once again (well I was always enjoying food, but ate a lot of chocolate to make up for the lack of cakes/biscuits etc.)… Anyway, at the beginning, the un-educated newly ‘gluten-free’ me tried all the supermarket choices (of which there were considerably less than there is now), and was disappointed. So as I started to become bored with chocolate or fruit for every dessert and rice cakes with cheese for every lunch,  I began researching online and building up my own base of gluten-free recipe ideas.

Am I missing gluten any longer? No! I have learnt through trial and error some yummy and mostly (emphasis on ‘mostly’) healthy gluten free recipes that I am very happy with and I would like to share this ever growing collection to anyone willing to read. All of my recipes are gluten-free, many are vegetarian and a few are vegan, nothing like a bit of variety after all.